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Inter RAO — Engineering is focused on construction project management and engineering services in electric power industry of Russia and worldwide. Inter RAO — Engineering is a member of Inter RAO Group.

We offer a full range of project delivery services in energy construction, including EPC/EPCM project management, design of power generation facilities, as well as sales of core and auxiliary equipment.

Inter RAO — Engineering has a proven track record of successful construction and rehabilitation of energy facilities with combined power generation capacity of 7.6 GW. We successfully delivered 25 projects and have 3 more projects in our backlog, including the construction of about 505 MW of new power generation and reconstruction of existing in Russia and Bangladesh.

Inter RAO — Engineering manages core assets of Inter RAO Group and its participation in joint ventures with the leading Russian and international enterprises, including General Electric (joint production of gas turbines) helping to deploy the latest and the most efficient technologies in the Russian electric power industry.

We have over 500 highly skilled energy construction and design professionals and a wide network of branch offices and representatives in Russia and other countries ensuring efficient project management.

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