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The corporate development strategy of Inter RAO — Engineering is focused on the following key objectives:

  1. Efficient delivery of investment projects required to perform on Capacity Delivery Agreements (CDA)

  2. Secure a leading position in the Russian engineering services market

  3. Diversify corporate business by penetrating international and related markets.

To develop an impressive reference portfolio, Inter RAO — Engineering focuses on efficient implementation of the investment program of Inter RAO Group, integration of engineering assets and competencies of Inter RAO Group, and development of internal competencies in the key areas of energy engineering.

Inter RAO — Engineering works towards achieving our strategic development targets through the following:

  • Offering comprehensive engineering solutions with ideal balance of costs, payment terms, turnaround time and the use of core equipment validated in facilities of Inter RAO Group to prospective customers interested in new construction and rehabilitation of energy facilities
  • Development of internal competencies in specialized engineering (design, start-up and adjustment)
  • Development of partnerships and collaboration with the leading specialized companies in Russia and other countries to participate efficiently in international projects and bring state-of-the-art technologies and technology solutions to Russia.

Inter RAO — Engineering is focused on becoming a diversified engineering holding efficiently delivering comprehensive development projects in various segments of Russian and international engineering services market.

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