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Inter RAO, Rosneft and Taimyrneftegaz have agreed to cooperate on energy infrastructure

Inter RAO, Vostok Oil (part of the Rosneft Group of Companies) and Taimyrneftegaz (part of Neftegazholding) have signed an agreement on cooperation in the creation of energy infrastructure. The document provides for the construction of gas power plants and an electric grid complex to supply energy to a group of oil and gas fields of a Vostok Oil project.

The document was signed by Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, Inter RAO CEO Boris Kovalchuk and Neftegazholding president Eduard Khudainatov.

The document is aimed at providing electric energy to a group of oil fields and oil and gas transport facilities, a loading terminal at Sever Bay, and berths and other infrastructure facilities of the Vostok Oil Arctic supercluster.

As part of its implementation, Inter RAO will organize the development of the energy supply for the Vostok Oil project, design, equipment purchases, and energy infrastructure construction.

Cooperation between the parties on the development of the Vostok Oil project energy infrastructure will provide a significant economic effect. Equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation will be used in implementing the agreement.


The Vostok Oil project includes the Vankor cluster (15 deposits, the largest of which are the Suzunskoe, Tagulskoe, Lodochnoe and Vankorskoe deposits), the Zapadno-Irkinsky site (Rosneft), the Payakh group of fields (Neftegazholding) and the Vostochno-Taimyrsky cluster.

The implementation of the Vostok Oil project will help to develop the unique resource potential of the Arctic cluster. The competitive advantage of the project is its proximity to the Northern Sea Route—a unique transport corridor. Its use opens up the possibility of deliveries of raw materials from the Vostok Oil fields in two directions at once: to European and Asian markets. The implementation of the project will ensure the fulfillment of tasks set by the President of Russia to increase freight traffic along the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons by 2024.



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