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The third hydropower unit assembled at Naglu HPP in Afghanistan

Inter RAO-Engineering LLC has completed the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment at 25 MW hydropower unit No. 3 at Naglu HPP in Afghanistan. In the short run, the company's personnel will start commissioning operations.

During installation, the turbine, generator, butterfly valve components were repaired and replaced, and the hydropower unit alignment was performed. Spare parts and replacement equipment were manufactured at original equipment manufacturer plants, including Russian power engineering enterprises. In addition, a number of the main equipment components were restored at repair facilities in Afghanistan. The work was carried out including involving the local power plant personnel.

At present, the hydropower unit No. 3 is fully prepared for commissioning, including equipment adjustment and load testing.

In 2015, Inter RAO-Engineering LLC has entered into an agreement with Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, the national energy company of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, aimed at reconstructing the Naglu HPP hydropower unit No. 1 and overhaul of hydropower unit No. 3 with supply and installation of spare parts. The implementation of the agreement is carried out according to the schedule agreed by the customer. In March 2018, the reconstruction of hydropower unit No. 1 was completed, and it is currently in commercial operation.

The Naglu HPP, located on the Kabul River 40 km from the capital of Afghanistan, had been built by Soviet specialists and commissioned in 1967. It is the most powerful power plant in Afghanistan – the total capacity of four hydropower units is 100 MW.



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