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Ghorasal TPP (Bangladesh)

Оverhaul of Unit No. 5, 210 MW in capacity

Customer: Bangladesh Power Development Board.

Inter RAO — Engineering will provide full repair and turnkey solution for the stream turbine, boiler unit and generator, including the supply of the main and auxiliary equipment and carrying out launch work.

The power facility includes 6 steam turbine units — 2 units of 55 MW and 4 units of 210 MW. Natural gas is used as a main fuel in production.

The power unit overhaul will considerably increase the reliability of the Bangladesh capital power supply – the city of Dacca and the neighboring districts.

Power Plant was launched in 2017.

Core equipment

  • Steam turbine unit К-210-130-8 manufactured by Power Machines OJSC
  • Boiler TGME-206 manufactured by Taganrogski Boiler-Building Plant OJSC
  • Turbine-generator set TGV-200MTZ manufactured by Electrotyazhmash TP
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