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Ivanovskie PGU

Turnkey construction of combined cycle power unit – 2 with the capacity of 325 MW at the industrial site of Ivanovskaya State District Power Plant


The power unit construction project is unique because the plant equipment comprises the first Russian power gas turbine of high capacity – GTE-110.

Power Plant was launched in 2012

Core equipment

  • Gas-turbine Power Plant GTPP - 110, Manufacturer: JSC NPO Saturn, 2 х 110 MW;
  • Waste Heat Boiler Е-148/35-6.7/0.6-493/229 (PK-53), Manufacturer: JSC Podolsky Machinery Construction Plant;
  • Steam Turbine К-110-6.5 110 MW, Manufacturer: JSC Power Machines

Fuel type: Gas

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