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Permskaya SDPP, Power Unit No. 4

Construction of 800 MW combined cycle power unit no. 4 at Permskaya SDPP

Customer — OJSC Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants

The project includes construction of an 800 MW combined cycle power unit at the site of Permskaya TPP. Commissioning of the fourth power unit of Permskaya SDPP will meet the growing demand for electricity supply in the energy-limited region of the Kama region. The project will secure energy supply required by large-scale chemical production plants, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, timber processing and mining industry in the region. As a result, Permskaya SDPP will increase its total installed power capacity up to 3,200 MW to become one of the five largest thermal power stations in Russia.

Power Plant was launched in 2017.

Key components

  • 290 MW SST5-5000 Steam Turbine, manufactured by Siemens;
  • Two 292 MW SGT5-4000F Gas Turbines, manufactured by Siemens;
  • Three 165-350 MVA SGen5-1000А Power Generators, manufactured by Siemens;
  • Two Heat Recovery Steam Generators, manufactured by EM Alliance.

Estimated technical and environmental performance

Installed Electric Power 848,7 MW
Annual Consumption of Natural Gas 1,167.41 million nm3
Specific Fuel Equivalent Consumption for the Electricity Production 215.25 goe/kWh
Efficiency Factor 57.1%
Fuel Type Natural Gas
CCGT flue gas NOx concentration (expressed as NO2) Not more than 50 mg/m3
The maximum ground-level concentrations of NOx in the atmosphere at the boundary of residential areas, taking into account background concentrations Not more than 0,39 MAC
The noise level at the boundary of the existing residential area In accordance with the SN 2.2.4/

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