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Talakhovskaya TPP

Construction of the power plant comprising two gas turbine plants (GTP) with total capacity of 159 MW

Customer: Kaliningrad Generation LLC

Talakhovskaya TPP was built in Sovetsk in the Kaliningrad Region. The station includes two gas turbine units with generation equipment unit capacity of 78 MW. New power capacity provides energy security in the Kaliningrad Region and makes the energy system more flexible.

Power Plant was launched in 2018.

Core equipment:

  • Two gas turbines PG6111 (FA) manufactured by LLC Russian Gas Turbines
Key Performance Indicators

Number of units 2
Total installed capacity, MW 159
Rated specific fuel equivalent consumption, g.e.f./kWh 346
Efficiency, % 35.9

Fuel type – Natural gas.

Sovetsk, Kaliningrad region, Russian Federation
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