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Tomskaya CHPP - 1

Installment of gas-turbine power unit of 15 MW capacity and waste-boiler

Customer – JSC TGK-11

Project description

The project provides for turnkey construction and put into operation of gas-turbine power unit of 15 MW with hot-water boiler at Tomsk pico-reserve boiler-house at Tomsk branch of JSC TGK-11.

Construction of power generating unit was completed in the 4th quarter 2012.

The boiler capital improvement transferred the facility into the co-generation mode and created additional capacity of 15 MW, which increased the reliability of power supply in Tomsk Region.

Main equipment

  • Gas turbine TITAN-130, manufactured by Turbomach (Switzerland);
  • Waste-heat hot-water boiler WHB 23.5/150 23.5 MW, manufactured by JSC ZiO Podolsk.

Putting of GTU 15 MW at Tomskaya AB enhanced generating capacities of Tomsk power supply system which allowed compensate for retired capacities of the APS of Siberian Chemical Combine.

Technical and economic performance

Designed electric capacity of the power generating unit to be put into operation 15 MW
Installed capacity of the power generating object including put into operation of the new power generating unit 15 MW
Planned annual electric power generation by the power generating unit 91 mln kW*per hour
Main project fuel Natural gas
Fuel consumption rate 32 129 th. tonne of fuel equivalent/per year
Degree of efficiency of electric power by output 32.76%
ICUF 68.49%
Specific reference fuel consumption for electric power output 375 GOE/kW*per hour

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