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Zatonskaya TPP (Republic of Bashkortostan)

Completion of the power plant construction comprised of two steam-gas power units with combined capacity of 440 MW

Client – Bashkirskaya Generating Company,OJSC

The power plant commissioning will essentially improve the power supply of the capital of Bashkiria and provide the community areas under construction with heat and power.

Power Plant was launched in 2018.

Main equipment

  • Two gas turbine units GTE-160 manufactured by Power Machines OJSC;
  • Two steam turbine units Т-60/73 manufactured by Kaluzhski Turbine Plant OJSC;
  • Two heat recovery steam generators E-220 manufactured by EMAlyans OJSC.

Estimated technical and environmental performance

New power generation capacity 440 MW
The average annual fuel utilization factor 84%
Planned annual electric power generation 3500 mln kW*per hour
The planned annual production of heat 640 thousand Gcal
Fuel consumption rate 803 million nm3
Specific reference fuel consumption for electric power output 233 GOE/kW*per hour
Specific reference fuel consumption for heat output 155 kg of standard fuel / Gcal
CCGT flue gas NOx concentration (expressed as NO2) Not more than 50 mg/m3
The maximum ground-level concentrations of NOx in the atmosphere at the boundary of residential areas, taking into account background concentrations Not more than 0,196 MAC
The noise level at the boundary of the existing residential area In accordance with the SN 2.2.4/

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