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Continuous development of expertise and new competencies in the most in-demand core areas of engineering allows Inter RAO — Engineering to offer its customers services for the most crucial phases of engineering projects. We guarantee high-quality services delivered on time within agreed budget and in the most customer-friendly way.

Inter RAO – Engineering offers the clients a multipronged approach for the power facilities construction and modernization projects implementation:

EPC(M) projects management

Inter RAO – Engineering manages construction and modernization projects at all stages of their lifecycle including:

  • engineering research and design;
  • construction, installation and specialized construction work;
  • technology and engineering equipment acquisition;
  • contract supervision;
  • start-up and adjustment;
  • individual and comprehensive equipment tests;
  • commissioning;
  • warranty maintenance services.
BOT/BOO projects arrangement

Inter RAO – Engineering possesses experience and competence in successful implementation of projects in the BOT and BOO formats including:

  • development of banking feasibility studies and financial models for concession projects;
  • financing projects arrangement;
  • EPC(M) projects management;
  • facility management under concession contracts.
Integrated solution based on the 6F.03 (6FA) gas turbines

Inter RAO – Engineering represents Inter RAO Group in its Russian Gas Turbines joint venture with General Electric formed to localize the production of the 6F.03 (6FA) gas turbine units. A turbine plant has been constructed within the JV frames in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Oblast.

The Company is the design center for standard projects based on the 6F.03 (6FA) GTU for the most widespread types of indoor and outdoor power facilities. Integrated solutions developed on the 6F.03 (6FA) turbines basis include a full range of operations for all phases of the power facility lifecycle:

  • full cycle engineering – from design documentation development to turnkey project implementation;
  • application of flexible project implementation financing schemes including leasing;
  • standard project solutions that allow reducing the deadlines and cost of power facilities design, construction and service maintenance;
  • delivery of a complete list of the core and auxiliary equipment under optimal commercial terms;
  • equipment integration into a single engineering flow diagram and granting of a single guarantee for capacity and efficiency factor of the whole facility;
  • long-term service maintenance of the power island equipment, which includes development of a single service maintenance schedule, delivery of spare parts, running maintenance, repair and renovation.

Inter RAO – Engineering has a powerful set of tools for the pre-investment analysis of the TPP projects on the 6F.03 (6FA) turbines basis implemented as interconnected units:

  1. standard technical solutions
  2. standard engineering models
  3. standard financial models.

As well as implementation of separate stages of engineering projects:

Design of energy facilities
  • concept design (pre-feasibility study)
  • engineering design development (stage “P”, basic design)
  • detailed design documentation
  • design documentation analysis
  • project support (designer’s supervision)
  • energy consulting
  • client’s engineer services
Core and auxiliary equipment delivery

Inter RAO – Engineering has a vast experience in cooperation and sustainable connections with all largest international and domestic manufacturers of core and auxiliary equipment and a well-run cooperation with the leading financial institutions, which allows for:

  • arrangement of export financing;
  • supervision of equipment manufacturing and testing at the manufacturer’s site;
  • supervision and support of equipment delivery logistics;
  • non-conformance management.
Pre-commissioning and commissioning

The specialists of Inter RAO – Engineering perform a complete scope of installation and commissioning operations and quality engineering support of preparation for the facility start-up and bringing it to the design mode namely:

  • commissioning preparation and performance;
  • integrated testing of equipment;
  • obtaining permits for putting facility into operation;
  • warranty tests.
Client's engineer services

Inter RAO – Engineering performs an integrated technical, financial and legal support of investment projects at all stages of the project implementation:

  • front-end engineering design and planning of construction;
  • arrangement, performance and support of bidding procedures;
  • supervision and support of design and development;
  • supervision of equipment manufacturing process and testing at the manufacturer’s site;
  • supervision and support of equipment delivery logistics;
  • quality control of construction, installation, and commissioning, technical supervision over their performance;
  • supervision of the intended use of investments, project risks detection and minimization;
  • facilities handover for operation.
Energy consulting

The Company offers its clients a wide range of analytical and consulting services in the field of power generating industry:

  • energy equipment and technologies market analysis;
  • development of technical solutions for the new TPP construction and existing TPP modernization;
  • expert examination of technical solutions for application of the TPP steam-power, gas turbine and steam-gas units;
  • optimization of the TPP equipment operating modes;
  • integrated technical support of projects development and implementation;
  • evaluation of capital investment in construction of new TPPs and modernization of existing ones;
  • estimation of investment efficiency for new and renovated TPPs;
  • bidding arrangement and support with regard to selection of core equipment and contractors.
Decommissioning of energy facilities
  • development of design and working documentation;
  • bidding arrangement, holding and support;
  • dismantling supervision and support.
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