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Integrated proposals

Inter RAO — Engineering uses its unique expertise to develop best-in-class comprehensive offers and standardized solutions for delivery of energy projects. Our long-term partnerships with the leading equipment manufacturers and the largest developers help us offer our customers efficient solutions reducing project turnaround time and costs while ensuring guaranteed quality of services.

Inter RAO — Engineering offers the following Integrated proposals:

EPC/EPCM project management

  • Design
  • Development and implementation of grid connection agreements
  • Equipment sales
  • Construction and installation
  • Start-up and adjustment
  • Warranty maintenance

BOT/BOO project orchestration

  • Development of banking feasibility studies and financial models for concessions
  • Project financing
  • Management of EPC concessions
  • Facility management under concession contracts

Integrated offer based on 6F.03 (6FA) gas turbines

  • Full-service engineering solutions from project documentation design to turnkey project delivery;
  • Standardized projects with faster and more economical design, construction and maintenance of power generation facilities;
  • Flexible financing options, including leasing;
  • Sales and delivery of a full range of core and auxiliary equipment on the best commercial terms;
  • Integration of equipment into existing technology with guaranteed capacity and efficiency of the whole facility;
  • Long-term maintenance of power island equipment, including development of a single maintenance schedule, delivery of parts, maintenance services, repairs and rehabilitation.

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