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Integrated solutions for the electric power industry project implementation

Based on many years of experience in the power industry, Inter RAO - Engineering offers its customers a unique set of effective technical and organizational solutions for the implementation of projects in the field of construction and operation of power plants and power grid facilities. The company guarantees high quality of works and services for the customers in optimum terms taking into account their real market value.

Inter RAO - Engineering offers:

Project management, including their implementation in the EPC/EPCM form:
  • Development of project (PD) and detailed design (DDD) documentation;
  • Technical support for the approval procedures of the PD with the expertise authorities;
  • Performance of business processes and engineering support of power receiving devices of consumers of electric energy, electric power generation facilities and of electric grid facilities technological connection to power systems;
  • Selection and procurement of equipment, logistics support of its delivery to any site in Russia and abroad;
  • Quality performance of construction, installation and commissioning works of any complexity;
  • Engineering and organizational support of equipment and control systems operation, including manufacturer's defect liability period.
Organization of project implementation in the BOO/BOT form:
  • Development of investment justification (including such compliant with the requirements of credit institutions) and financial model of concession projects;
  • Raising funds from various sources to finance projects;
  • Management of concession projects during their implementation, including such in the EPC form;
  • Responsible management of facilities under concession agreements.
Integrated engineering and organizational solutions for power plant construction using 6F.03 (6FA) gas turbine power units:
  • Engineering support of ready-to-operate object construction (reconstruction) — from the development of project documentation to commissioning;
  • Development and implementation of flexible project financing schemes (including leasing instruments);
  • Development of optimal technical solutions, including those based on reused project documentation, which allows to reduce the time and cost of construction, as well as to organize the effective facility operation;
  • Selection and supply of main and auxiliary equipment on terms and conditions favorable for the customer;
  • Integration of the equipment of the constructed power island into the technological scheme of the station with the provision of a unified warranty in regards to the issuance of power and energy efficiency of electrical power production (efficiency factor);
  • Long-term service support of operation of the equipment of "turbine island", which includes the development of the maintenance and repair schedule, supply of spare parts and performance of routine maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers and the customer.
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